Big Winni bite is in full summer mode right now. Warm water, minnows growing up and bug hatches the food chain is big . Several small bite windows thru out the day are the norm.
Live bait seems to be the best for day time fishing. Spinners tipped with leeches or crawlers has been the best way to catch these fish. move along at 1.5 and cover water. Main lake humps and bars still your best bet , working 14 to 23 feet of water. Play the wind into most of these structures. West side look to Sugar or River bar. North side North bar south to Center bar. Bena bar has been ok from the Big Bend out. Tamarac bay has a good weed bite going on also with light weight spinners long lined over the weed tops in 8 to 12 feet of water. Perch has been the best on the west side  from Sugar island north to Big Stoney. Cutfoot Big and Little has been putting out nice sunfish on the coon tail bed edges. Early and late in the evening has been best. Fixed bobbers 3 to 5 feet set with small hooks and 1 inch piece of crawler works well. Water temps in the mid 70 range. Water is getting some color to it . Clarity is about 8 foot now.    See you on the lake