June 22nd Fishing Report

Large populations of walleye have been consistently found on Winnie’s main lake bars and humps. On calmer days, anglers are catching fish off the edges at depths of up to 35 feet. The River Channel is also proving productive, with good numbers of fish holding between 18 and 25 feet. These deeper fish are less easily spooked, allowing anglers to position their boats effectively.

If you notice fish in the area but they seem wary of the boat, consider using a bobber to minimize disturbance. Alternatively, plan to revisit these spots later in the day or early morning when fish may be more active.

Tamarack Bay continues to host abundant pike, perch, and walleye. The arms and bays of Cut Foot Sioux are also holding good numbers of panfish, providing anglers seeking variety beyond walleye with plenty of options.