June 28th Fishing Report

Recent weeks in the Lake Winnie region have seen challenges from bug hatches, wind, and severe weather. Despite these conditions, fishing has remained steady for dedicated anglers who manage to reach the fish. Walleyes are abundant on main lake bars and humps. Successful anglers are primarily finding their catch offshore.

Bobber fishing appears to be the most effective approach currently. Anglers are also having success with jigs and shiners. Active fish are located in depths ranging from 15 to 20 feet. Using 2D sonar and maintaining a boat speed of around 20 mph allows anglers to cover large areas quickly and locate fish.

For those who prefer to have their lines in while searching for fish trolling spinners are proving effective. On Lake Winnie, a common method involves trolling spinners with bottom bouncers, bullet weights, or egg weights. Adjusting the weight helps achieve the desired depth. Gold spinners are consistently reliable, especially hammered and smooth gold varieties. Experimenting with trolling speeds between 1.0 and 1.4 mph is recommended.

Photo Courtesy of Captain Jeff Johnson of Northern Drift Outfitters. Captain Jeff’s son Duncan with a beautiful Lake Winnie Walleye.