June 4th Fishing Report

Anglers on Lake Winnie should bear in mind that we're roughly three weeks ahead of last year's timeline. Sometimes, fishing memories can leave anglers feeling stuck, repeating phrases like "they should be here" or "I've caught them here before."

The primary consideration when visiting Lake Winnibigoshish is the wind. While wind can be advantageous, helping to land more fish, excessive wind can turn boat control into a nightmare and even pose safety risks. On windy days, finding sheltered areas on the lake or avoiding the heart of the gusts can lead to a more enjoyable and productive fishing trip. Choose a section of the lake, trust that the fish are there, and make subtle adjustments until you locate them. Many anglers make the mistake of making overly large moves or changing presentations drastically. Making smaller adjustments throughout the day reduces the risk of missing out on potential bites.

Secondary structures off Highbanks and towards Musky Bay are hosting schools of walleye. Positive reports are also coming in from the south shore, stretching from Dennys to the bird houses. Anglers typically have two options when fishing the south shore at this time of year. Starting shallow, in depths of 7-9 feet, and then gradually moving towards main breaks leading into the basin, such as depths of 12-16 feet, is usually a fruitful strategy. Anglers can then explore the nearby bars and humps. Beginning in areas around prominent shoreline structures like Little Stony can serve as excellent starting points to expand upon.

Quarter-ounce jigs remain essential when moving beyond the 7-9 feet range. Long-lining spinner rigs are gaining popularity, while drop-shotting with a leech has proven to be a reliable tactic, especially for those needing to slow down their presentation. If bobber fishing isn't your preference, this method offers an effective alternative.

The west shore of Winnie stretching to Third River has continued to produce fish as well along with rock and weed line transitions around Stony Point and Hunters Rocks.

Captain Jeff Johnson with a beautiful Lake Winnie Walleye.