June 11th Fishing Report

Shoreline related fish have begun to pull off of some of the shallow breaks and are beginning to transition to the first set of main breaklines. 14-18 ft flats off of primary areas such as Mallard Point are still holding large numbers of fish. On calmer days look for these fish to push into deeper holes related to these expansive flats. A hole can mean a lot of different depths on Winnie. A good rule of thumb is to look at the average depth and consider areas that are at least 3-5ft deeper than the average. Paying close attention to your contour lines within these flats will easily highlight holes to target. Deeper holes that may push down to 22-27ft on a 14ft flat will also be productive. However, these deeper fish sometimes do take a little more enticing. Aggressive is the term to live by when targeting deeper fish like this. Stay on top of them as much as possible. Jigging raps or aggressively jigging a quarter ounce jig and spottail shiner will do the trick. Photos courtesy Captain Lyle Unger Grand Rapids Guide Service and Captain Jeff Johnson of Northern Drift Outfitters.