Minnesota Walleye Opener

lake winnie trophy walleyeFew days in Minnesota are anticipated and celebrated like a Lake Winnie fishing opener. For many, it’s a family tradition. To go walleye fishing, celebrate a long winter’s past and look forward to the open water fishing season ahead. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned angler, you will likely find success on Lake Winnie’s walleye waters.

Fishing Lake Winnie’s shoreline has become synonymous with the Minnesota walleye opener. Despite its size, Lake Winnie is actually a pretty easy lake to fish. It’s very popular for early season walleyes that are looking to eat! You can also enjoy “bonus” jumbo perch and northern pike while fishing for walleyes.

lake winnie walleye fishingLive bait fishing using a jig and shiner minnow is a tried-and-true walleye presentation. It will simply put walleyes in the boat. You’ll find Winnie’s walleyes on the “flats” (gentle sloping areas between the shore and a point that tapers off into deeper water) while drifting or using an electric trolling motor. Catch walleyes and jumbo perch in 4 – 12 feet of water (depending on water temperature and the weather conditions) on the wind-blown side of the lake where bait fish are most plentiful.

Come fish Lake Winnie and Cut Foot Sioux for the Minnesota walleye opener!  Make some memories and enjoy a fish fry this spring. Make your plans now!

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